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February 19, 2015

Principle #29 - Gain Access to Other Specialties' Problems

Sixty years ago, Plastic Surgeon Dr. Joseph Murray conducted the first successful kidney transplant. Many Principles can be attributed to this innovation and many Principles were discussed among the members of the Millard Society seven months ago as Millard Society member, Dr. Paul Howard and his wife found themselves in adjoining operating rooms to "rob Pamela to pay Paul" a kidney after an unfortunate incident involving a routine vaccine found Dr. Howard in kidney failure. Dr. Howard and his wife are doing remarkably well thanks to this now very routine transplant procedure. Dr. Howard is returning to work this month after spending a little extra time off to finish his first fiction novel. Principle # 15 -Tissue Losses Should be Replaced in Kind can sum up this transplant wonder as the couple's cross-match was so great that Dr. Howard's anti-rejection medication protocol does not require steroids. 







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