Dr. Ralph Millard Plastic Surgery Society

New Membership Process



New members may be nominated by any current member of the Society in good standing who has been a member of the Society for at least 5 years. The nomination must be submitted in written form by letter or email to the administrator of the Millard Society and must include the name, phone number and email address of the nominee. Current members may only nominate one applicant per year.  Nominees must be board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.



Once a nomination is received the nominee will be contacted by the administrator of the Society. An application will be sent to the nominee and must be completed and received back no later than one month prior to the next meeting of the Millard Society. Once received the application will be circulated to the current officers of the Millard Society. Each application will be reviewed by every office of the Society and assigned a grade based upon a point system. The application will have three questions to be answered by the nominee with brief essays (1-2 paragraphs). Each question shall be graded on a scale of 1-5 (5 being the highest) based upon its applicability to Dr. Millard’s teachings and principles. A total score will be assigned to each nominee (maximum of 15). All applications will be presented during the next meeting of the Millard Society.


Selection Process

A maximum of three new members may be admitted each year. If no completed applications are received before the deadline no new members shall be admitted that year. All completed applications will be presented during the annual meeting of the Millard Society including scores given by the officers. The general membership in attendance will discuss the applications. A vote will be held to choose the three best applicants to be admitted into the Millard Society. Such vote will be held by ballot with each member submitting a list of the three applicants felt by them to be the best candidates. The applicants receiving the three highest total votes will be admitted as members of the Millard Society. Applicants not selected will be invited to apply again in future years.


Admission Process

Once applicants are selected by vote at the annual meeting they will be admitted to the Millard Society and entitled to the rights and privileges of membership effective immediately. Following the annual meeting an acceptance and congratulatory letter will be sent to the newly admitted members of the Society. New member will be added to the roster of the Society immediately. Members newly admitted will be presented with a certificate of membership and Millard Society patch with crest during the annual meeting of the Society the year following their admission to the Society. The new member must attend one Millard Society meeting within the first three years following acceptance to maintain membership. Failure to do so will forfeit membership in the Millard Society.

New Member Application




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