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"Know the Ideal Beautiful Normal."

D. Ralph Millard, Jr.,  M.D.

June 4, 1919 - June 19, 2011


A complete bio on our Chief, Dr. Ralph Millard will be posted here soon.  Due to the circumstances of the creation of this new web site and the passing of our mentor and teacher, we have decided to post our memories of one of the greatest Plastic Surgeons. 


All of us who have been touched professionally and personally by this great man are better for the experience. The news is both sad but there is a joy for all of us who have seen him during this last year. It was clear that joining Barbara would be the ultimate joy in his eventual travels. Thank God that he has finally joined her.

Dr. Frank Rieger

It was so sad to hear this bad news. He was our father, mentor, pioneer and a legend. I learned so many things from him and shared this knowledge with my residents and 32 fellows. I will never forget him. I am deeply chagrined.

Dr. Onur Erol


D. Ralph Millard, teacher, mentor, a giant in the field of Plastic Surgery, has passed. His memory and teachings shall live..."know the ideal beautiful normal..." among others. I wll miss him. Our deepest condolences to his family. May he live forever in the Eternal Presence of Our Father.

Dr. Mary Lyn Lu

The Greatest Plastic Surgeon of All Time, my mentor, my teacher, Dr. Ralph Millard passed away this morning. "Know the Ideal, Beautiful, Normal." Dr. Millard perfected Plastic Surgery as we all know it today. He wrote the text books that all Plastic Surgeons learn by. His techniques are forever perfect. Many try to prove him wrong, but always fail. Dr. Millard is now with his soulmate, Barbara.

Dr. Paul Howard

My formal plastic surgery training in Miami came under the creative genius of D. Ralph Millard, Jr., a giant contributor to the field of plastic surgery, which also earned him a rightful place as yet another of our ten greatest plastic surgeons of the twentieth century.  Through exposure to his erudite, witty, creative, and very accessible writing expounding on his principles of plastic surgery, and his tying these to principles of human endeavors in war, football, boxing, and business, I came to believe that the practice of plastic surgery was something more than just a way to earn a living. His book, Principlization of Plastic Surgery, delineating his thirty-three principles, was a real eye-opener for me. I began to look for my own overriding philosophy to connect the dots of life and work.

        From Behind the Mask, Beneath the Glitter by  Dr. Robin Yuan

Dr. Millard was able to pass his enthusiasm and some of his skill on to those who he trained. He took a great personal interest in his residents and fellows.  The intense scrutiny of our work was something that most of us had not experienced before, but almost all ended up grateful for it.  Basing our plastic surgery on principles was the important thing to learn, as well as integrity in both our professional and private lives.

Dr. Tony Wolfe

He was so wise that even in his death he chose such a meaningful day. It has been like loosing my father once again. So sad and at the sane time so recomforting to feel that he lives forever in each one of our surgical results. So long, Chief, and thank you very much.

Dr. Jorge Miranda Zavala


The author is gone, but the principles will always be with us.

Dr. Robert E. Zaworski

He was 92, which was a good innings. He has contributed so much. I have retired 5 years ago but I still teach cleft lip and palate for Smile Train and Alliance for Smiles. I remember his so much for his perfection in the 6 months I spent with him. He did have a great impact on my life.

Dr. Wolf Losken

I visited Dr Millard last year. He was sad, bored, and wished obviously to go. We want all to remember him as the super powerfull man he was, he has given so much to us. Tessier has died also at 92!
My two main mentors !

Dr. Daniel Marchac


Dear Sirs,

I live in Egypt and I had the previlage of studying alot of the work of Dr.Millard in the field of cleft surgey . I would like to offer you all my deepest condolances for his passing. Would you please inform his family members that his science and teaching crossed many borders and helped many pepole world wide.The memory and teachings of great pepole will always last beyound their lives. I wish him peace .
Amr Amin Ghanem
Ass.Lecteuer of OMFS-Ain shams Uni., Cairo, Egypt

I am sad and feeling the cold wind. Please transmit my regards to the family.

Dr. Vladimir Mitz



A very sorry day for me as I am sure for all of you. I for one would not be who I am without him. May he rest in peace and his legacy never be forgotten. That is left up to all of us.

Dr. Al Aly

Dr, Millard always was a pattern, a guide, for all of us, who tried to get a "Beautiful Normal", who was their fellows. He always is going to be a part of the history of the world´s plastic surgery. He is going to be remembered as one of the pioneers of the Plastic surgery, and for me, the master, who tried me to to get the best for our patients. To his family my sense of condolence, to the world my sense to understand his principles.

Thank You Dr. Millard

                                          Dr. ANDRES FERRO
                                      BOGOTA - COLOMBIA
Great and deep condolence
Prof Dr Ahmed Hussein Rahoma
Surgery Department

Plastic Surgeon

Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia

We are in total agreement regarding Dr. Millard’s greatness in the field of Plastic Surgery. His living legacy is all of us that were trained by him and the principles, techniques and instruments that are now used or have been modified. I feel very fortunate and privileged that Dr. Millard was part of my life and the inspiration that made me enter the field of Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Bob Fabric

A close friend of mine just sent me the sad news as she knew that I had done a Fellowship with Dr. Millard in 1992-93. To his family - my sincerest condolences and to the society, what a great loss!

I am saddened by his passing away as he was a mentor to me but more so for the fact that he no longer can do the miracles that he performed for his patients. I hope that his teachings and his work ethic remain as bright a light for all of us as they did when he was alive.

Zahid Niazi, MD, FACS, FICS, FRCS
Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgeon
Vice Chief of Staff, Methodist Hospital











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